Behold the Man

(numbering continued from last week's message)
6. The incarnation of Christ

  1. Sinless life

  2. Teachings of Christ about his death
    a. Eternally planned
    b. Willing
    c. Substitutionary
    d. Temporary

  3. The triumphal entry: Jesus was king, but he was a servant king, not a military king; He was a spiritual king, not a political king; He reigns in the hearts of people.

  4. The trial and crucifixion
    a. The suffering of Jesus
    b. The resolve of Jesus
    c. The loneliness of Jesus
    d. The baseless accusations
    e. The righteous life of Jesus
    f. The cowardice of Pilate
    g. The cruelty of Jesus' enemies
    h. Jesus' desire to save
    i. Responses of God and observers
    j. Friends of Jesus bury him

Extra passages: Please be ready to find in your Bible.
-Matthew 21:1-17
-Luke 22:39 and following

Mar 24, 2024
Sunday Service
Luke 22:54-62
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