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Moses or Christ? - Paul's Reply to Dispensational Error


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"Moses or Christ? — Paul's Reply to Dispensational Error," originally published in booklet form by C. D. Alexander. This is a powerful work, with true exegesis and New Testament argument — although readers not solidly grounded in the Scriptures may have a little problem following all of it.

Brother Alexander here gives the HOLY GHOST'S ANSWER through Paul, and thus Paul's position and understanding of (1) The Correct Interpretation of Prophecy; (2) Who is Abraham's seed? (3) Who is the "real" Israel? (4) What are the "two covenants"? (5) What is the Church? (6) What is the nature of the "promise" made to Abraham?

For the understanding of the prophecies and the Second Coming of Christ, this should be read with the Bible open before you at all times.

Then the reward of studying and understanding these precious verities will be a deeper love of your LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS PRESENT KINGDOM OF GRACE AND GLORY, plus a REJECTION of modern errors that dishonor our Lord and negate His Holy Word.

Sermon ID 3211119311
Date Mar 3, 1968
Category Bible Study
Bible Text Galatians 3; Galatians 4
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