God Gives Us the Spirit of Adoption

Paul makes clear in Galatians how we become sons of God: by being joined to Christ by faith, baptized into Christ by the Holy Ghost, put into union with Christ.

There has always been an infinite love between God the Father and Christ the Son, as equal persons of the Godhead, loving and delighting in each other.

Being in Christ, we now partake of that eternal and infinite love between Father and Son! This is the unity in love that Christ prayed for in John 17, that we all may be one together with Christ, and with our Father!

We are not only children, but grown sons! Once we were under the law, under tutors and governors, to lead us to Christ, until the emancipation ordered by the Father.

That took place when Christ came to redeem us from the law and its punishments, and when we received it by trusting in Jesus to save us.

Our Elder Brother has redeemed all the children of God by being made a curse for us, we who were formerly under that curse of judgment for our crimes against God. Christ paid the just punishment from God for our sins that were laid upon Him at Calvary.

Our Lord Jesus was always a Son -- holy, just, perfect, beloved and in His humanity, obedient to His Father.

We were none of those things, we were not natural sons of God. But Christ has perfected us before God, and we are brought into the family of God. We are not perfect in ourselves, but perfect in Christ.

By this great salvation, we have all been made sons of God, adopted through Jesus Christ, having been given the Holy Spirit of adoption as sons, whereby we cry, Abba Father!

The Holy Ghost is implanted in our hearts, the Spirit of Christ, always the Son, is given to all of us who trust in Him!

Mar 17, 2024
Sunday Service
Galatians 3:26-4:6; Matthew 18:1-14
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