Daniel #39 A Second Persecuting Little Horn #1

What is God's purpose in our persecution for the cause of Jesus Christ?
First, persecution for Christ's sake identifies us with Christ. It declares loud and clear that Jesus is our Savior
and Lord. We are willing to suffer for Him out of love for Him because He was willing to suffer in our place
God's holy wrath as a sacrifice for our sin and condemnation. His suffering was meritorious—mine is not.
Second, persecution for Christ's sake humbles us, sanctifies us, and lays bare our pride that there is nothing
more important than ourselves. A willingness to suffer persecution declares that Jesus and His truth and
righteousness is more important than me, my life—more important than anything.
Third, persecution for Christ's sake builds our faith and strengthens our resolve to follow Jesus Christ no
matter what. Through persecution God actually makes us stronger (not weaker), bolder (not more afraid).
Fourth, persecution for Christ's sake reveals this world is not our true and lasting home. Through
persecution/tribulation for Christ's sake we declare that through much tribulation we enter into the kingdom
of God (Acts 14:22). It reveals that we truly believe (and not simply profess) that the riches of heaven far
exceed the things that we cling to here on earth.

Mar 12, 2023
Sunday Service
Daniel 8:1-14
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