Matthew 18:7-9 - "Be Killing Sin or Sin Will be Killing You"

Christ has forced us to face the woe of a fallen world, weighed down by the curse of sin. He pronounces woe not just to the world generally, but to each individual who refuses to fight temptation. We are better off having eyes, hands, and feet cut off than being thrown into the eternal fire of hell. The old covenant cutting ceremonies pointed God's people to this reality, and the new covenant fulfillment delivers the substance to us. If we are in Christ, the old members have been cut off. If we are in Christ, we are a new creation with a newfound desire for holiness. Holiness is not easy. Holiness does not come naturally. But holiness is worth the fight. So the charge is this – heaven has already declared you holy. Now become what you are. Holiness is life. Holiness is joy. Holiness is glory.

Mar 17, 2024
Sunday Service
Matthew 18:7-9
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