'The Creation Era,' the first main segment in Old Testament history, centres on 4 major historical events:

  1. CREATION (Genesis 1-2);

  2. THE FALL (Genesis 3);

  3. THE FLOOD (Genesis 6-9);

  4. THE TOWER OF BABEL (Genesis 10-11).

Key questions are addressed, including:

• Why is Genesis 1–11 so foundational to all of Scripture?

• Why did Dr. Henry Morris describe Genesis 1:1 as "the foundation of all foundations ... the most important verse in the Bible"?

• Was the world really made in 6 x 24-hour days?

• What about the 'Gap Theory'?

• How important is the first gospel promise of Genesis 3:15?

• Was Noah's Ark large enough for all the animals?

• How did all the world's different 'races' arise from Noah and his family?

• Does the Bible give reason for racism?

N.B. Given the amount of material explored in this study, it is strongly recommended that you download the accompanying .pdf file.

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Duration 1:06:05
Date Mar 16, 2006
Category Bible Study
Bible Text Genesis 1
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