No Sacrifice for Our Priest


We have been considering the glorious truth about our Lord Jesus, through the incarnation, being made both a perfect sacrifice in our place for our sin, and Himself being made our High Priest Who presents His sacrifice for us unto God!

Because Jesus suffered being tempted like us, yet without sin, He is declared to be a suitable man to represent us before our God as our High Priest.

Because Jesus was compassed with infirmities, like His people, He can have compassion upon us

There is a crucial distinction between Jesus our High Priest, and all other earthly priests: whereas Christ's people need an offering for sins, Jesus does not.

All other priests had first to offer sacrifices for their own sins, before they could offer up sacrifices for their people's sins.

But the drumbeat of the text as it relates to Christ, is that He was tempted like we are, yet without sin, yet without sin, yet without sin!

Christ has no sin, He has never sinned, He is perfect in all His ways! He never succumbed to the temptations like we all do, and like Christ knows very well that we all do.

Thus, Christ's offering for our sin is different in yet another way from Aaron's, because it needs not to be prefaced with an offering for the priest's sin.

At the crucifixion, Christ goes straight to the cross to offer Himself a sacrifice for us as God's Lamb, and there is no stopping off anywhere for Him first to make an offering to purify Himself, for He is always pure, spotless, and undefiled.

As the physical types of Christ's sacrifice, the Old Testament animals had to be physically perfect before they could be offered to God.

Their perfection was determined by an external examination.

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Duration 19:01
Date Mar 12, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 5:1-3; Hebrews 10:14
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