90% of Word-Faith, Pentecostal & Charismatic Leaders Hold Heretic William M. Branham

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Mike Oppenheimer director http://www.letusreason.org/ .

16:49 - Clip of the Christian Answers program, "Blasphemous Charismatic & Pentecostal Mayhem #6: "The New Apostolic Reformation" of False Prophets" at

• Blasphemous Charismatic & Pentecostal... .

22:14 - Larry shares a long list of modern-day false teachers as Mike Oppenheimer mentions that as many as 90 percent of of the Word-faith, Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders hold William Branham
as their hero.

28:35 - Mike begins the body of his materiel for this show with a quote from Ern Baxter,
the campaign manager (1948-1953) for Branham.

29:09 - Mike talks about the "Latter Rain Movement" of the 1940s and lists names of people of people involved as well as Franklin Hall's book, "Atomic Power Through Prayer and Fasting."

29:44 - Mike mentions Branham's healing services and methods supposedly led by an angel.

30:23 - Mike talks about Branham's book, "The Revelation of the Seven Seals," which got Mike started in his research into Branham.

31:56 - Larry shares a clip from his video "Who's Knocking? #2: Jehovah's Witnesses Hidden History, Spiritism, Racism, Doctrines of Demons" at

• Who's Knocking? #2: Jehovah's Witness... showing the correlation & similarity of Occultism & Jehovah's Witness teaching to that of Branham.

40:40 - Mike speaks about the Lakeland Revival of 2008, & the many influential Charismatic leaders who honor & imitate the man, Branham.

45:43 - Examples of modern day attempts to fulfill Branham's visions and teachings from 1933. Charisma Magazine, The International House of Prayer, Perry Stone films, Lou Engle, etc.

Mar 15, 2024
2 Corinthians 11:14-15; Luke 1:15
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