Revealed by Promise

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What is the measure of God's abundant goodness? I believe that one of the most overlooked and yet most profoundly awesome things God does consistently is the wonder of His self-revelation. We are not owed any display of God's nature, no hint of His power, love, holiness or beauty. Creation itself declares the glory of God and that should be enough. We are given every opportunity in nature and its wondrous diversity to see the fingerprints of God everywhere! Romans 1 makes it plain that God has shown us His nature in all that He has made and that there is enough knowledge of God shown in every blade of grass to condemn every man woman and child ever born.
So when we think about the fact that not only DOES God speak beyond His creation to show us who He is, but He also gives us His word AND He also has actually gone so far beyond as to make sure that we see and understand; we must fall before Him in awe and worship!!

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Duration 56:58
Date Mar 12, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 6:17
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