The Regathering of Israel


Part Two of a continuing sermon series proposing a balanced Christian view of the re-gathering of the Jews to modern-day Israel and the unified call from "all the nations of the earth" for Israel to retreat to its 1967 borders and to accept a so-called "Two-State Solution." We will also refute the heretical extremes of militant "Christian" Zionism and John Hagee's "dual-covenant" theology.

In this message, Part 2 of the series, we refute the Preterist position and prove that God DOES still have a plan for the Jews and for national Israel - that Israel WILL be regathered to the land during the church age.

Sermon ID 31317113405
Duration 41:05
Date Mar 12, 2017
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Isaiah 11:1-12; Luke 21:1-28
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