The Conquering King

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Long has Israel waited for the prophesied King. The King who would bring peace, safety, victory, and unity to the people, ruling with righteousness and justice forever. From the days of David, the people have waited. Finally, he is here! The scene in Luke 19 of Jesus' arrival to Jerusalem shows the people celebrating Jesus as that long-awaited King! Yet amidst all the waving palm branches, laid-out cloaks, and shouting of "Hosanna", the King weeps for the people. Why? Because the people want a king who will go from strength to strength to strength, while Jesus will be a king of the cross. Furthermore, his people will not be a people of strength as the world knows it, but a people that take up their cross to follow him. Jesus knows their hearts and anticipates their rejection of the true King and his reign. Yet, rejected though he may be, he is the true King and proceeds to the cross to conquer death and make a way for his people to live.

Sermon ID 3122373105129
Duration 35:33
Date Mar 12, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Luke 19:28-44; Mark 8:27-33
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