Debate: Dr. James White Accurately Refutes Irritating & Misinformed KJV Only Callers

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The special guest is Dr James White, director of Alpha & Omega Ministries (http://www.AOMIN.ORG) & the author of over 25 books (including "The King James Only Controversy"). James has participated in over one hundred formal debates & he has an extensive theological educational background.

King James Onlyism is a more recent fad (started circa 1930 by a Seventh-day Adventist & more heavily promoted in modern times by people like Dr Sam Gipp, Peter S. Ruckman & Kent Hovind). King James Onlyism is factually & historically erroneous, irresponsible & a detriment to real Christian apologetics against the arguments of an unbelieving world (for more on this see James White's excellent video series on YOUTUBE entitled, " What's the Big Deal with King James Onlyism?"). See also our Christian Answers videos "Bible Translation Issue #1 & #2. on YOUTUBE by Doug Kutilek (B.A. & M.A., Baptist Bible College; knowledgeable in Biblical languages Greek & Hebrew; PhD candidate in Old Testament Hebrew at Hebrew Union College; see his "The King James Only Resource Center" at his website: http://www.KJVONLY.ORG).

The following can be found at our website BIBLEQUERY.ORG in our newsletter section (click the "Experience" box on homepage & scroll down & click "Unlearned Men - KVJ Only") - by Doug Kutilek:

Benjamin Wilkinson -
In the investigation of King-James-Version-Onlyism, (KJVO) just such a genealogy of error can be easily traced. All writers who embrace the KJV-only position have derived their views ultimately from Seventh-day Adventist missionary, theology professor and college president, Benjamin G. Wilkinson (d.1968).

Mar 1, 2012
Acts 13:42; Hebrews 9:27
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