The Realm of The Sovereign King- The Covenants of God

Join us in this exciting and important study of the God of the Covenant who alone is the Redeemer of all of God's People.

There are many promises or Covenants in the Bible, where God deals with individuals or nations or even with nature itself.
For example, the Noahic Covenant with the Earth until its final destruction.
However, from Genesis onward God has established a Salvation narrative in the form of Covenants.
We are going to briefly look at the major Covenants, including the Noahic, As God fulfills those Covenants and their promises
There are essentially 5 Covenants In the Scripture where God deals with the salvation of all His people including Israel.

2 of the Covenants are called Works Covenants and they are conditional based upon faithful obedience; therefore they are by threat and temporary. (Adam, Moses)
3 of the Covenants are called Grace Covenants and they are without Condition, the are Gracious, and Eternal. (Abraham; Davidic; New Covenant.)

Now a Covenant is a Contract between two or more people,
with or without commitments between the parties.

Within Scripture we see that God makes Covenants with Himself and with certain men or mankind.
Some covenants are Conditional, and others are Unconditional.
Some and Temporary and others are Eternal.
Some are Material and others are Spiritual.

Mar 8, 2020
Sunday Service
Ezekiel 36:25-35; Luke 17:20-21
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