No One Greater


The power of promise is something that we have lost sight of in this age of selfish fulfillment. We have sacrificed something powerful and grand in losing sight of the fact that when someone promises and binds themselves to that promise, attaching their own reputation and character to that promise that we are also bound to them by that promise as well. This giving and taking of oaths, of covenants and promises is a statement about the power of hope, of faith and the wonder that comes when promise becomes reality. We lose out on the revelation of character and the steady infusion of joy when promise visibly matures and ripens in preparation of fulfillment. The time of waiting and the time of becoming is an incredibly wonderful agent of connection between the parties engaged in a promise. And when we increase the magnitude of the promise and the obligation by being bound to it with an oath invoking God it passes into the sublime.
But God, even God Himself, has also freely bound Himself with oaths and promises; attaching His own nature and character to those promises, so that we
might know Him and the power of His purpose. So that in seeing what He is willing to do, before He does it we might learn the awesome nature of this God to whom we are bound, and to whom we owe all things.

Sermon ID 262361559636
Duration 1:07:47
Date Feb 4, 2023
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Hebrews 6:13
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