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In Acts Chapter 8 God directs Philip to go to a desert road which went down from Jerusalem to Gaza in order that he might witness to a man from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian was a Eunuch. Eunuchs were often, castrated men who were in the servitude of Royal Households (Acts 8:26).

Have you ever wondered why God sent an Angel to Philip to give him directions in order to meet the Ethiopian, rather than sending an Angel directly to give the Ethiopian the Gospel?

The answer is simple. The Great Commission of the Gospel of Grace, has not been given to Angels, The Great Commission is given to the Church!

Now, Philip obeyed God's directions and we find him running to meet the Ethiopian.

This morning I want you to notice 4 things about the Ethiopian that Philip met in Acts Chapter 8.

First of all; The Ethiopian was a RESPECTED MAN Verse 27.

Secondly, The Ethiopian was a RELIGIOUS MAN Verses 27-28.

Thirdly, The Ethiopian was a RECEPTIVE MAN Verses 31-38.

Fourthly, The Ethiopian was a REJOICING MAN Verse 39.

Thank God that Philip was a soul winner and obeyed the Lord and ran to meet the Ethiopian!

Two things I cant do in Heaven! I will never be able to sin, which is great. But I will never be able to win souls.

The time for forgiveness of your sins is now and the time to win souls is now!

Feb 6, 2023
Sunday - AM
Acts 8
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