The Little Fox of the Past

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Pastor Chris brings the message from God's Holy Word. He concludes the series titled "Little Foxes".

Today's message is titled "The Little Fox of the Past". It is based on the Old Testament Book Song of Solomon chapter 5, verses 2-7 (Song of Solomon 5:2-7). Open up a Bible and get ready to follow!

Please let us know if you have chosen to follow Jesus after viewing or listening to this sermon! We want to welcome you to the family of God and give you a Bible and pray with and for you!

If you have a need for prayer, please contact our church office. People on our prayer and ministry teams would be glad to pray with and for you!

Our contact information can be found on our website at https://pittsfordcc.org/

Feb 4, 2024
Sunday Service
Song of Solomon 2:15; Song of Solomon 5:2-7
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