Liberty, but Not for Sin

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Theme: God's People are Called Forward in the Liberty of Faith, Not Backward to the Law.
I. Standing in Christian Liberty – vv. 1-6
A. Stand in the Liberty Which Christ has Purchased for Us – v. 1
B. If You Trust in Law, Christ Profits You Nothing! – vv. 2-3
C. We Eagerly Rely on the Righteousness of Faith – vv. 4-6
II. Our Confidence is in God Over Man – vv. 7-12
A. Previously They Had Run Well in the Faith – v. 7
B. This Persuasion is Not From God – vv. 8-9
C. Paul Wishes That These Circumcisers would Cut Themselves Off – vv. 11-12
III. Liberty is Not an Opportunity for the Flesh – vv. 13-15
A. Called to Liberty, but Not to Sin – v. 13
B. God's Law is Fulfilled in Loving Our Neighbor as Ourselves – v. 14
C. Biting and Devouring One Another Destroys One Another – v. 15

Feb 4, 2024
Sunday Service
Galatians 5:1-15
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