The Greatest Commandment Of All

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INTRO: Tomorrow is New Year’s day. I will give a new year’s message today, since this is the Sunday. For the new year I want to remind us of the one commandment which is above all other commandments. There is no other commandment as big or as important as the one I want to share with you this morning. You can go through all the commandments given from the beginning of man until today and you will not find a commandment more important than this one. How do I know it is the greatest of all commandments? The Creator of the universe and of man said so.
So, our subject this morning is the greatest commandment of all commandments. If you were to choose what is the greatest of all commandments, what would you say it is? Well, one day Jesus was having a discussion with the Saduccees. Turn to Matthew 22. They don’t believe in a resurrection so they gave the story of one woman whose husbands kept dying. In all she had seven husbands and they all died. So the Sadducees said to Jesus, “In the resurrection (which they didn’t believe in but which Jesus claimed there was), in the resurrection, whose wife will she be?”

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Duration 51:42
Date Dec 31, 2017
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 22:34-40
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