The Golden Chain of Success and Safety

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Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:
Before you became a Christian you were chained in slavery by Satan, imprisoned with no possibility of release. You were in nasty chains. This not strange, however, as Satan's goal is always to steal, to kill, and to destroy. He never has his captors' interest at heart. But Christians have a golden chain…a chain not of slavery, but a golden chain that shows freedom and security! Your loving Father gave you that beautiful golden necklace to show you whose you are and to give you assurance you are his for eternity. Hear about this golden chain today.

Our headings are:

  1. The Definition of the Golden Chain
  2. The Purpose of the Golden Chain
  3. The Explanation of the Golden Chain

Our goals are:
That you will see and believe the Lord will save and secure you for eternity with his Golden Chain of salvation and you will then live your life with thankfulness, confidence, and full obedience.

Feb 11, 2024
Sunday Service
Romans 8:29-30
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