1 Petabyte

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We have finally reached our goal of a PETABYTE of raw storage as we continue to build out the hardware of The Vault infrastructure.

One petabyte translates into one thousand terabytes. This will be enough storage to hold the 2M+ audio and video sermons found on our site while allowing for years of future growth. For every audio sermon, we create 3 separate files (high quality, low quality, and archive quality). For every video sermon, we create 3 separate files (1080p quality, 720p quality, 360p quality). In addition, every video has an MP3 automatically generated from it, with the corresponding 3 files. Sermons take up a lot of space and laying the foundation for dependable, scalable storage is key.

Through the sacrificial generosity of our wonderful family, friends, and supporters, we have been able to finalize the purchase of all hard drives and storage arrays needed to reach one petabyte of raw storage. However, we still have some ways to go in order to get everything set up just right. It's a complicated business and we covet your support and prayers.


Recorded Feb 28, 2023
Published Feb 28, 2023
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