Take Heed to Yourself and to Your Teaching #1

There are few verses in all the Word of God which more clearly and succinctly set forth the great lifetime responsibilities of the Christian minister than does 1 Timothy 4:16. In this text the Apostle Paul makes clear to Timothy that his first and greatest responsibility is the cultivation of his own walk with God. Second to that, and flowing out of it, is his responsibility to pay close attention to that which he teaches in the name of God. The passage is expounded and brought home with searching application to the conscience of the gospel minister and ministerial student.

This brief series is another of the earlier ministries of Pastor Martin and one which was greatly owned of God to the blessing of many in the U.S. and abroad.

Also available in RealAudio® format on www.tbcnj.org.

Sermon #MI-B-1

Feb 7, 1972
Special Meeting
1 Timothy 4:16
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