Patience and Promise

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There is a profound relationship between waiting, suffering and inheritance. There is much to be said about the need to wait in this microwave society. We don't like to wait, we, in fact refuse to do so… our microwave reality is killing us in every way possible. we want a magic pill to fix our bad habits, an endless credit card to satiate our restless, endless covetousness and a guilt-free, consequence-free get out of jail card to allow us to do whatever we want and still have some form of "god" in our lives. But we need to understand the benefits of learning just how to be content in the now, in the moment and in the powerful place of relying on God while waiting on His timing instead of rushing forward, trying to the bend the present moment into the shape of our flawed understanding of the future… because our understanding of the future, and especially the will of God concerning that future is fundamentally and constantly flawed. We see
through a glass darkly, but one day God will reveal all that He has been doing and it will be glorious in our sight! However, that day is not this day, and this day has the particular challenge of calling us to wait, to trust, to rely upon our God and know that He is working out His will for our good and His glory!

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Duration 1:00:24
Date Feb 26, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 6:15
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