Walking in Christ as Lord pt1

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  1. The Christ Hymn reveals the inseparable connection between Christ's Lordship and His redeeming work. If Christ is not Lord, He cannot save.
  2. The Christ you received at the beginning of your Christian life should have a fullness to live out the rest of your Christian life.
  3. Four Attendant Conditions signifying Christ's Lordship in your life:
    a. Rooted in Him: Growth Dimension
    b. Built up in Him: Corporate Dimension
    c. Established in the faith as taught: Pedagogical Dimension
    d. Abounding in thanksgiving: Doxological Dimension
  4. Implications of being rooted in Christ:
    a. Salvation is a Sovereign planting of the Lord
    b. Being rooted in Christ means life and growth comes from an organic union and communion with Him.
    c. Being rooted in Christ results in stability and fruitfulness.
  5. The Growth Dimension of Lordship: Areas of being rooted in Christ
    a. His Word
    b. His death, resurrection, and exaltation
    c. The Life of the Spirit
    d. The new creation, the heavenly Jerusalem, the heavenly Kingdom
    e. The faith of the patriarchs
    f. The eternal counsels of God's love for us
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Duration 1:15:24
Date Jan 15, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Colossians 2:6-7
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