The Minor Prophets Part 12 (Habakkuk)

104 ( 66 | 38 )

INTRODUCTION: We have come to the book of Habakkuk in our studies in the minor prophets. We do not learn as much introductory information from the first verse as we often do. It simply says, "The burden which the prophet Habakkuk saw." So we get his name which is Habakkuk. I call him Ha bak'kuk. J.R. Church says the rabbis say it, Ha'ba kook. Ryrie says his name means to embrace. Church says it means the wrestler. From the book we can say that Habakkuk did embrace the God of the Bible and committed himself wholly to Him as we will see at the close of the book. But he also wrestled with Him, as we shall see, and he came to a satisfactory end, and wholly committed himself to God Almighty. I think, from the book, the idea of wrestling is more prominent. This morning you may find yourself in the same predicament, wrestling with God over things. May you in the end come to the conclusion Habakkuk came to.

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Duration 41:48
Date Feb 17, 2013
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Habakkuk
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