Demon Intrusion - Why God Flooded the Earth

The reason God sent the global flood in Noah's time is tied to the coming end of days. Do you see the parallels?

Satan the Adversary has tried to mess up God's plan over and over. There are at least 7 times He tried to do so.

  1. He tempted and led to sin Adam & Eve in Genesis 3. But God promised a seed. A deliverer who would redeem humanity.
  2. He incited self-righteous Cain to kill faith-righteous Abel in Genesis 4.
  3. In our text this morning Genesis 6, he tried to corrupt the entire race, and thus erase the promised seed.
  4. When God singled out Israel and Moses as the deliverer he tried to get Moses out of the way by riches, then murder then pride, etc.
  5. Satan then tried to get God to destroy Israel with the golden calf, Ex 32-24.
  6. He then tried to defile Israel with intermarriage with Midianite women in Num 25.
  7. Finally he tried to murder Christ in Nazareth, then Jerusalem and finally through Judas.

The flood is a picture of God's deliverance from the bondage of sin. What can we learn from the flood?
God is HOLY, He will judge sin.
God is LOVING, He will seek out individuals.
God is GRACIOUS, He will transform fallen sinners.

Jul 28, 1996
Sunday - AM
Genesis 3
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