Israel: Past, Present, and Future #15

The covenantalist position maintains that there is a future purpose in prophetic Scripture for Israel
as a nation (first conversion to Christ and then restoration of their land in peace/safety), but that does NOT
include a return to the Old Testament Church in the rebuilding of the temple or re-institution of the
priesthood, sacrifices, feasts, and ceremonies, but rather an ingrafting into the New Covenant Church. Israel is
presently a covenant-breaking and Christ-rejecting nation that is God's enemy, but there is coming a glorious
time in the future when the fullness of the Gentile nations will be brought to Christ and all Israel will be saved
(Romans 11:25-26). That is the position we have sought to maintain as most agreeable to biblical revelation.

Feb 18, 2024
Sunday Service
2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
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