Christian Modesty in Dress - What Does the Bible Teach?

Featured on May 9, 2009
  1. The scope of the subject.
  • Address confined to sexual modesty in dress in the light of the seventh commandment.
  • Introductory considerations.
  1. The difficulty of the subject.

  2. The starting point: The Biblical purpose of dress.

  • Defining what is modest
  • Three elements in immodest dress.
  1. Objections to this standard of dress.
  • many speak of the danger of looking odd and old fashioned whereas the real danger lies in conformity to the world's standard of dress - a far greater danger to the church's witness and prosperity.
  • Attracting a prospective husband: modesty will best attract and suit a truly godly suitor.

How we dress is an area whereby we evidence our submission to Christ.

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Duration 54:07
Date Feb 22, 2009
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text 1 Timothy 2:9
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