Be Satisfied, you who are Rich!


Prohibited Things in Law 10
Prescribed Things in Law 10.

As a Christians, you can have good desires – physical desires for water, or emotional desires for companionship, or even a desire to have more so you can provide for yourself and your family. But the 10th law deals with inordinate desires-the desires for things which belong to someone else – a person’s wealth, his wife, his position, his reputation, etc. God forbids all inordinate desires and threatens severe consequences – eternal death – to those who have them.

Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ:

  1. Remind yourself of what you already have in Jesus now and remind yourself of your eternal reward in heaven. You are already sitting in heavenly places. Your ticket has been paid for. You have that assurance in your heart. Knowing how rich you are, you won’t be enamored with the shiny things of this world.

  2. You add to those rewards in heaven when you give to the needy, when you work hard, and when you give to God’s work.

  3. Stay away from people who are enamored with stuff! Don’t marry such people. They will pull you down to run after the shiny things…that are only filled with sugar…that provide a temporary high, but are not good for your souls – and have not benefit in the future.

Recorded Feb 18, 2018
Published Feb 22, 2018
Bible Text Hebrews 13:5; Romans 7:7-8
Event Sunday Service
Sermon ID 222181614286
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