The Myth of Balance: Is God Calling You to a More Balanced Life?


The notion of balance in your life is a man-made weight that you can lay down at the feet of Jesus. Friends, Balance is a myth. We aren't called to balanced lives. We are called to live surrendered lives. We are called to live disciplined lives. But I can't find any scriptures teaching that God expects balance in our lives in the sense we are talking about it. Actually, I'm not sure balance in that sense is even possible.

What do I mean?

In this moment, I am preaching. In this moment, that is all I am doing. I am not tending to my wife's needs, although those are important. I'm not tending to my daughter's needs, although those are important. I'm not making money, although that is necessary. I'm not eating, although that is essential. There are many things—good things—that I am not doing right now. Because I am doing this. I want to be fixed on this opportunity with single-minded focus. And isn't that what we are called to? Isn't that how scripture admonishes us to live?

Now, how does this apply to you?

Feb 18, 2024
Sunday Service
Ecclesiastes 3:1; Matthew 6:33
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