Peace with God

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Every one of us lives with regrets. Some with very big regrets. Life is complex and we have much to learn as we grow. Corruption of the heart is a reality. We have made many mistakes and we have sinned against many people. Worst of all, we have sinned against God. Of course, our sin also hurts our own life, for God made us for holiness. The trail of hurt and pain we have left in life is long, and the trail of missed opportunities to do good is equally long.

So, what are we to do? You know that the world has nowhere to turn but inward. The only solution they have is to justify or minimize wrong. After all, I'm only human. I can only do what I can do. That's just life. I have my reasons. I've been hurt more. In the world, the sensitive soul seeks to find forgiveness from self.

So, what about forgiving ourselves? I have a few questions:
Who sees your heart more clearly, you or God? God!
Who knows your motivations more accurately, you or God? God!
Who sees the true impact of your sin on others, you or God? God!

Who is more affected by your sin, you or God? Now this question we have to think about. It is tempting to say that we are more affected by our sin. God is infinite and all-powerful. We are small and weak and limited. Surely the hurt of sin, including the hurt of our own sin on our own soul has a more significant impact on us than the effect of our sin on an infinite God. Well, we need to see the true impact of our sin on God. First, our sin hurts another soul whom God loves. God sees into their heart; He feels the pain we inflict. God created all things good and holy but our sin brings evil into all of creation. God not only extends his wrath, but his tears to th

Feb 18, 2024
Sunday - AM
Romans 5:1-5
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