[02/12/2023 AM] - "Suffering and Saltiness" - Mark 9:49-50

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What a beautiful day it is - we are so blessed! I pray that you and your loved ones are doing well.

On the upcoming Lord's Day we will be in the Gospels for both worship services. In the morning we finish up Mark 9 at verses 49 and 50. The Words of the Lord in these two verses also conclude His Words to His disciples began when the disciples had been arguing on the road as to which would be the greatest. These last two verses of Mark 9 are very weighty! Be praying about being salty!

Scripture Reading: Mark 9:49-50
Text: Mark 9.49, 50
Message: "Suffering and Saltiness"

Theme: The Lord calls us to saltiness amidst the suffering of biblical Christianity

  1. Being "salted with fire" is the sacrificial language of suffering

  2. While we suffer, we are called to be a preservative in our culture

  3. If we suffer and strive for evangelistic service, unity in the body will come "naturally"

Feb 12, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 9:49-50
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