Freedom from the Evil of Afflictions, 1


As we continued our look at "Christian Liberty," we considered how the Lord Jesus has delivered us from "the evil of afflictions" (WCF, XX.i). While the Bible teaches that one day we will be fully delivered from all afflictions, in the present time we still experience them: "the sufferings of the present time" (Romans 8:18).

But the Lord Jesus Christ has delivered believers from the EVIL of afflictions, and no chapter in Scripture addresses this better than the eighth chapter of Romans.

The present time is a time of groaning and travailing, but our comfort is the Comforter, the indwelling Holy Spirit, who groans within us as we pray (Romans 8:26).

As we reflect on what is happening at Asbury University, we ought to cry out for God to move this way everywhere. America is dying, and our churches are dying. The greatest need in America is for churches to gather in prayer where people expect that God will do what they ask him, especially as that asking lines up with God's written Word.

The lack of united, believing, expectant prayer is a cancer in our churches and our nation. But what appears to be happening at Asbury should encourage us all to beg God for this youth led, repentant, believing, praying and praising movement to spread everywhere.

Feb 19, 2023
Sunday Service
Romans 8:18-39
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