James 3 Part 12: Sowing Righteousness


This is the enemy's great work, not to take away the seeds of righteousness, but to mix them with the seeds of corruption, It does not matter if the seed of righteousness goes into soil, so long as the seeds of corruption go in after them, which yield the thorns and briars, for in time they will choke out the good seed. The enemy has no problem with us coming to The Lord's table and partaking of the cup of The Lord, as long as it frees us up to come to the table of devils afterward and drink of those cups too, the enemy knows many are weak and sickly, and some have fallen asleep. Serve God all you like without the least resistance from the enemy, as long as you serve mammon also, money and all it provides, For Satan knows no one can serve two masters, eventually they will hate the one. Love the Father? Sure, but don't forget to love the world's ways and fashions also. The enemy knows a little leaven leavens the whole lump, He's not so much trying to take the dough and great substance of your assembly and faith away from you, he only asks that he may add a little leaven, and until we stand ready to purge out the old leaven, and to separate that which is corrupt from the pure, we will never have the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.
What we sow in must first be pure, otherwise, there was no point in sowing. The corruption with have it before the time of harvest. And it will all be fit for the fire. What are we sowing into our own lives? What reason do we have for deciding what goes and what stays?

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Duration 53:40
Date Dec 8, 2019
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text James 3:18
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