Abrahamic Family House Opens Its Doors & Billy Graham


For nearly 14 years, we here at Now The End Begins have tracked the rise of Chrislam from its early days when Rick Warren was promoting it under Pope John Paul II, all the way up to 2019 when the covenant was signed in Abu Dhabi, to this very moment where we are witnessing the grand opening of the palace of Chrislam known as the Abrahamic Family House and the One World Religion of Antichrist. Are we really that far along on the end times timeline? You better believe it, and if you don't, this Podcast will make a believer out of you. On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, we bring you everything you need to know about Chrislam whether its the Abrahamic Family House, the Abraham Accords, the false teachers of the Laodicean Church who have partnered with Rome to bring it all about, or just what a busy boy Mohamed bin Zayed has been these past few years. Today we will give you the complete timeline of the rise of Chrislam, including the role that Billy Graham played in its creation. The One World Religion of Chrislam is here, people, its main office just opened and they are ready to do business. Today on this very special 2-hour Prophecy News Podcast, we answer every question you've ever had on Chrislam and the One World Religion in the end times.

Sermon ID 217231927527104
Duration 2:30:38
Date Feb 17, 2023
Category Current Events
Bible Text Revelation 14:9-11
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