Will There Be Revival

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Featured on May 6, 2023

Two different people have spoken about a "revival" taking place on two different campuses, telling how people have gathered there from all parts of the country as well as other nations. It makes one wonder if there be True Repentance, Sorrow, A Broken Hearts and Confessions of Sins as well as a return to God. Is that revival? You must say that it is if we have any way of interpreting portions of Scripture where God told about a revival taking place throughout Israel's history and as you read the history of the church. In many different places there has been revival. But is there a possibility of a revival in our country? I have no doubt that Christians would love to see things change and the country brought back to the one true and living God where Christ is exalted and the saints of God are brought back to a nearness, a state of renewed repentance and faith to our God. I invite you to hear this message for a better understanding of what revival means; also how and where it takes place.

Sermon ID 2172318516969
Duration 1:00:14
Date Feb 16, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Isaiah 57:15
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