Paul’s Valentine COMMANDMENTS!

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Paul's Valentines Commandments Rom. 12:9-20 Valentine's Day is a day for celebrating love, not just romantic love between couples. It's a day to celebrate the love we have for our friends, family members, and even ourselves. For those in stable, loving relationships, the day offers a wonderful opportunity to express or reaffirm their love. For those who are recently bereaved, divorced, or single, this is a day that can trigger feelings of overwhelming loneliness and grief… I appreciate the emphasis that is put on romantic love, because it is great, and many people find it fulfilling. But I don't like how it is the only type of love that people deem worthy of celebrating if you are to have a "proper" Valentine's Day. Many other types of love are more common in our lives. For example, we typically have more friends and family than significant others. They are called "loved ones" for a reason. We should celebrate all the people in our lives, not just our significant other. I've been gifted with a savior that loves me no matter what and I've been gifted with a wonderful commitment of love to a wife that is the best in my life. I thank the Lord every day that He gave me this love. And it was the love from the cross of Calvary that showed me what true love was all about. Paul talks about Christ's love that should be for everyone. He comes up with these commandments of Love and in the book of Romans that not only reflects on our spouses, but for all of the people that God has given us an opportunity to meet.

Feb 14, 2024
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Romans 12:9-20
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