19. God Talks To Job About The Crocodile


God is saying to Job, as nice as I can put it, "How dare you stand before Me and question Me."
There are a lot of things in life that we do not understand, and you would like to have answers for them. Things come into our lives that we don't understand. And many times they happen when you are walking the closest to the Lord that you ever been.

"But it isn't yours and it isn't mine to question God. Our place is to simply bow before the Lord, submit and believe that God has a purpose for these things in your life and never question His providence and God has the right to do with you and the right to do with me whatever He so desires."
Many times things come into our lives and we don't understand but sometimes it comes so that you would be broken. The Lord wants to drive harshness out of us and replace it with kindness. He wants to drive that temper out of us and replace it with love.

Feb 16, 2020
Sunday - AM
Job 41
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