My Talk to the BJU Student Leadership

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In light of the upcoming 24-hour prayer effort, I had the opportunity to address the entire student body leadership at Bob Jones University of the importance of prayer -- united prayer. How were the saints of yesteryear able to spend extended hours in prayer? Because prayer to them was more than a mere rehearsal of requests. Prayer was FELLOWSHIP with God.

We did our best to communicate this truth and we leave the results to God. Friends, prayer is spending TIME with God, meditating on His word, and sitting in His presence. It cannot be rushed. Any more than you would rush spending time with your spouse or a close friend. It is my sincere desire that we will learn to give ourselves TIME to shut out the noise and enjoy fellowship with God in quiet as we "wait patiently for the Lord" Psalm 40:1.

This will be a unique prayer effort in that it will involve students in a local setting as well as saints from around the world, in every time zone. A different speaker will bring a brief 10-minute "prayer talk" at the top of each hour so that our prayers can be shaped by the Scriptures.

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Duration 12:34
Date Feb 13, 2024
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Psalm 40:1
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