Birthed in Promise

49 ( 27 | 22 )

Think about what our response is to the promise and how our affections and our obedience are connected not only to the promise itself, but to each other. There is a connection between obedience and blessing, between obedience and love and that connection is both profound and powerful. Important and beautiful. It is the very essence of vital faith. For we cannot believe God without loving Him; consider: if we doubt his power we despise Him as a liar, and if we doubt His nature we might believe what He can do but we are never at peace with it, for we have no basis of real trust. To really get to the bottom of this promise and what it tells us about Abraham, and more importantly about God Himself, we must see it in its context.

Sermon ID 2132362753062
Duration 55:13
Date Feb 12, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Genesis 22:1-19; Hebrews 6:14
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