The Tribulation UFO Alien Invasion Pt. 1 of 2


The majority of Earth's inhabitants look to the skies believing in Alien beings. More than 4 million Americans claim to have been abducted for medical expirimentation and sexual reproduction by these aliens.

What is really going on?

What does the Bible say about our present day and the time when a massive alien invasion changes the face of humanity, right before Jesus Christ returns at the end of the Great Tribulation period?

We will find out in this study of our King James Bible.

NOTE: In order to improve the ability of listeners (especially foreign) with slower download capabilities, we have edited and split this message into two, produced in radio format with introduction and closing for airing on our local radio program (found on 91.5 FM WHKC in Columbus, OH each Saturday at 11:00 AM and Sunday evenings at 9:30 PM).

Sermon ID 213082253504
Duration 29:21
Date Feb 13, 2008
Category Midweek Service
Bible Text Daniel 12:1; Matthew 24:21
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