The Impact of the Biden Immigration Policies


We have now been through 2 years of the Biden administration immigration policies. The result? Last week it was reported by the Washington Times that the Department of Homeland Security released more than 1,100 illegal immigrants with criminal records from its detention facilities in December as it sought to make room for a border surge that never materialized. Now the Department of Homeland Security is declaring victory over the border crisis.

Joining Jim for an update on this issue was Mark Krikorian. Mark is a nationally recognized expert on immigration issues serving as the Executive Director of Center for Immigration Studies.

Mark described immigration as a federal government program like farm subsidies or small business loans. From time to time it needs to be revisited to see whether it needs to be shrunk, increased or changed in some way.

So what did President Biden do? When he was running for office he promised to undo everything the Trump administration did regarding immigration. Mark noted that when a different party comes in they have different goals. So even though the opposition was warned and were aware that if they undid Trump's policies it would create a disaster at the border, Mark communicated that they basically "whistled past the graveyard," took a "wishful thinking" approach, and things didn't work out.

For example, they got rid of the "Remain in Mexico" program. This meant that people applying for asylum could submit their application if they came in illegally and through a port of entry, but they had to wait on the Mexico side of the border for their hearing date.

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