If Debt is Slavery, Is it a Sin to be in Debt?


The Bible says a lot about debt and slavery and teaches that the two are tightly connected, going so far as to say "the borrower is a servant (slave) of the lender". And as Christians, when we read God's word, it is our duty to take God's commands and instructions seriously. But if you asked the average Christian if slavery is bad and then examined the amount of debt they have, would you come away with the sense that their stated beliefs and actions were in alignment?
In this episode, we want to deal with what God's word says about debt and slavery. In doing this, we discuss the purposes for which God created debt, how we should think about freedom vs bondage, and even how this is different for the individual Christian than for a local church body. We even want to push back on our view of slavery itself as Scripture uses slavery to demonstrate both positive and negative aspects of our physical and spiritual lives. This is important, because part of the Christian life is keeping our minds from being conformed to the world but allowing them to be transformed through the renewing that God's word and spirit bring upon all who faithfully abide in Him.

Topics discussed:
What is debt? What is slavery?Are mortgages good or bad?Is it better to rent or be a homeowner?How the United States has structured its laws and policies to favor debtHow God uses debt and slavery to accomplish his purposes.Why not paying back debt is evil and is a sign of being unsavedWhat debt and slavery shows us about man's relationship to God (and sin)How should we treat the poor?How living beyond our means is a rejection of God's sov

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Date Feb 12, 2024
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