Don’t Let the Government Raise your Kids

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Don't Let the Government Raise your Kids. Proverbs 4:1-27As we listen to the news each day, we cannot help but see that our country is in grave danger of collapsing.America is in trouble because the things we once held dear are no longer esteemed, and the values we once felt important are no longer respected. It all has to do with the ''powers that be.'' Those who hold power and those who are in authority are making decisions that will affect our nation for generations to come.The problem can be seen in the gradual eroding of our form of government. We are becoming a government that is no longer by the people and for the people; rather it is government run by autocrats and those with a self-serving agenda. God wants our communion and fellowship. He desires our complete dependence upon Him. He does not want us to begin feeling as though we no longer need Him. He wants us to grow to the place of utter dependence on Him. He delights for us to enter His presence. Indeed, He gave His Son so that the veil of separation might be torn apart and that we might have direct access to Him. When we come into God's presence, He graciously bestows upon us all that we need to stay on the right path. When our eyes are focused on the brilliance of His glory, we become blinded to everything that distracts and pulls us away from Him. He is the prize; He is the goal. He is at the beginning and the end of wisdom's path. We must keep our eyes on Him.Parents don't let the Government raise your Children!!!!!

Feb 11, 2024
Sunday - AM
Proverbs 4
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