When a Pharisee Falls

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Acts Chapter 9 is dominated by the story of Saul.

There are three things I want you to see today in relation to Saul.

Today we will see… The Character of Saul…The Conversion of Saul and Thirdly...The Commitment of Saul.

Now in Acts Chapter 9, Luke records for us how Paul continues his ruthless campaign of persecuting Christians when God intervenes in His life:

In Acts 9, Paul is travelling a journey of around 150 miles from Jerusalem to Damascus to bring back followers of Jesus to Jerusalem so that they could be imprisoned there.

No Christian back then, would have ever had the concept that Saul would have become a follower of Jesus Christ.

You know our God specializes in the impossible? God intervenes in impossible situations.

What we think is impossible, God makes possible!

Saul knew about Jesus, He persecuted the followers of Jesus. He lived around the same time as Jesus and some think that Saul may have even witnessed the death of Jesus.

Saul's people the Jews had been promised a Messiah, someone that would deliver them from their sins and on the road to Damascus, Paul hears the Promised Messiah's voice who names Himself as Jesus, Jesus means Saviour.

Saul had previously been putting his faith in his heritage, his works and his religious achievements for His right standing before God. He thought his religious would save him.

From the day Saul who became Paul saw the light from Heaven and heard the voice of Jesus, he was committed to obey the will of God, no matter what the cost!

Feb 12, 2023
Sunday Service
Acts 9
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