Glorious Liberty

31 ( 10 | 21 )

The hope that is ours in Christ is one of the things that is a both a now and a not yet. This fact translates into how we see the liberty that has been given, and the promise of the greater liberty that awaits while we try to sort out some semblance of sense regarding the abiding corruption that still besets us. We dare not give in to the pressure of the age to conform to its ideals, its opinions or its agendas. We face constant assault upon the truth of our God, and as followers of Christ we cannot see clearly stand on truth if we have compromised ourselves regarding sin, and regarding the righteousness that we have been called to live. While we know that we fail, we also dare to hope that this day will be more triumphant than the last, and that the promised final victory will SURELY come as promised and WHEN promised!

Recorded Jan 8, 2023
Published Jan 9, 2023
Bible Text Romans 8:18-25
Event Sunday Service
Sermon ID 1923550236227
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