Futurism: a Jesuit Conspiracy? [NOT]


Part 1 of a sermon series refuting the error of historicist eschatology, as popularized by the Catholic Reformers Calvin, Luther & others, and that later became the basis for 7th Day Adventist, JW and Mormon doctrine as well, which uses a failed "day-year theory" to propose that the "great tribulation" of Matthew 24:21 and of Revelation chapters 6-19 spans the entire church age -- from the first advent of Christ to His second coming, and that the Roman Catholic Pope was "the Antichrist" in every era of the Papacy's existence. As antichrist as the Papacy has been, the Bible teaches dogmatically that that time of tribulation is yet to come, despite the Adventists common claim that the futurist position is a Jesuit lie...

Sermon ID 1818927508
Duration 1:08:08
Date Jan 7, 2018
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Daniel 12; Matthew 24:15-34
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