The Protection of God's Name

The Protection of God's Name Psalm 91:1-6,9-16 Nationwide, security has become one of the primary issues in personal choices and public policy. While we should take reasonable measures to protect our families and others, only God can truly ease our minds. We can trust Him in all sorts of situations with our families and with our lives. Placing our faith in Him, we have peace. Most people desire peaceful lives. Far from being sedentary, peace means the active elimination of conflict. In a fallen world, we commonly encounter opposition from people and circumstances. Despite challenging situations, believers can rest in God's power because He is able to keep us secure. Psalm 91 isn't a universal promise that harm will never come to people who trust in God. Even when we trust the Lord, we can—and do—encounter pain, suffering, and death. However, we can depend on God's love and power to intercede for us. Sometimes He protects us from evil. Sometimes He strengthens us in the midst of danger. Sometimes He uses our reaction to pain to encourage others. The list of promises is not all-inclusive but represents ways God works on our behalf.
Each statement portrays God's assurances to people who trust Him.He will deliver us and rescue us. He will protect us. He will answer us. He will be with us in trouble. He will give us honor. He will satisfy us with a long life.He will show us His salvation. We can trust God's power to PROTECT us. vv.1-6We can rest in God's power to keep us SECURE. vv.9-13 We can experience SATISFACTION because God works on our behalf.vv.14-16We can trust God to help us in our difficulties. Each name of God furthers our appreciation for His love and care.

Jan 7, 2024
Sunday School
Psalm 91
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