LISTENING to The Message of Jesus


Have you ever wished you could sit in the back of the crowd and listen to the greatest man who ever lived, Jesus Christ, and hear what He said to the lost and seeking crowds? Have you ever wondered how Jesus led someone to salvation? We have the records of Nicodemus, the woman at the well, the man at Bethesda, Zacchaeus, and so on. But, the actual method, words, gospel presentation and so on would be fascinating wouldn't it?

Now we are going to do just that. We are going to hear the soul winning methods of Jesus. How? Though the eyes and ears of those who spent time alone with Jesus. Though the hearts and minds of those who heard Him soul winning for 3 plus years. Thus the Book of Acts is the most critical source in the universe for our views of evangelism. Acts records the first 30 years of evangelism from the lens of inspiration, on the film of God's Word!

Where do we begin? Our text is Mark 1:38-39.

Sermon ID 1604123720
Duration 39:02
Date Jun 4, 2000
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Mark 1:38-39
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