Running from God

As Soon as the word came to God's Throne that Adam and Eve had fallen to the Tempter's lies God the Savior set off for the Garden. It was God who went looking for His fallen creatures. It is God who today seeks and saves those who are lost. It is God's will that all should come to the truth of His salvation, but so many do not. When God came seeking, Adam and Eve ran and hid. In fact, the most glaring reality of our lost-ness and fallen-ness is the way we run and hide from God. That is one of the reasons many do not come to where God's Word is taught. When God's Word is taught God is near. When God is near, sinful and fallen man runs and hides. People even to this day still do not seek after God.
One of the most vivid results of the Fall is the way sin captures and ruins all of us who are Adam's children. Just a few of the more notable sinners in the world who have come to Jesus serve as powerful examples of this truth.

Dec 19, 1999
Sunday - AM
Genesis 3:7-24
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