The Father of Many Nations


We have reached the end of Abraham's earthly journey and we cannot help but observe that often in the Scriptures when a man's life is being described, there are no more than several verses that are given to us. But here in describing Abraham's life we have been given 13 chapters to examine and to think about. Truly the life of Abraham is one of the most significant in all the Bible and in all of human history. I had thought to do a review of some of the great things that we have learned from his life, but then the thought came to me that it is God who is to be praised for the life of any man, especially great and godly men.
The only reason that any man is great is because God has worked in him or by him to make him so. And so, as we come to the conclusion of Abraham's long and blessed life, we must give praise to our God who gave so much grace and strength to Abraham to be considered "the father of all the faithful". He is the same faithful God who gives strength and grace to us who believe in Him through His Son Jesus Christ. We should praise the God of Abraham for the following reasons:
1st – Let us praise the God of Abraham because He gave him strength to become the father of many nations. (verses 1-4)

Jan 3, 2024
Sunday - AM
Genesis 25:1-11
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